Card Design Process

Each of the cards that you can see in the Card Gallery have (roughly) followed the process outlined below. 

We’ll use Nicro’s cards, designed and illustrated by Core Lo, to demonstrate the process.

Step 1: Community input 

Often we’ll talk to the Creator’s mod team and select members of the community to brainstorm ideas for the cards.

For Nicro, we worked with Jaxight and Shaw Shank'D from his mod team to brainstorm ideas. 

Step 2: Design Proposal

The end result of the brainstorming process from Step 1, is a Design Brief that is sent to the Creator for Approval. We always want to make sure that the Creator is happy with the proposed themes for each Card.

For Nicro, we developed the following Design Proposal:

  • Headshot 
  • Wearing Orange gaming glasses 
    • The “God Gamer Goggles”
  • Half Body
  • Wearing a sports headband, holding a wii remote, playing wii sports, including references to wii sports and the Matt NPC from Wii sports
  • Full Body
  • Breaking the sub 1 hour barrier in Super Mario Odyssey speedrun (time of 59:59)
    • Idea - perhaps throwing Cappy to break a clock reading 59:59?
  • Little Tykes basketball hoop, from his channel points reward and background in stream.


  • “Conway”
    • Originally from the Playstation game “LSD: Dream Emulator”, and now the mascot for Nicro

    Step 3: Artist Selected

    Once we’ve settled on a concept for each card, we’ll work with the Creator to select an Artist to design and illustrate the cards. This can either be an existing Artist from the Creator’s community (often we’ll work with the channel’s emote artist), or one of the Artists that we’ve previously worked with in the past.

    Step 4: Cards Drafted & Creator Approval

    After the Designs have been created, approved, and an artist has been selected, the next step is to draft the first version of the cards. These are a rough representation of the final product and gives the Creator a final opportunity to provide any feedback or notes they may have.

    For Nicro, these are the drafts that Core Lo originally proposed:

    Nicro Card Drafts

    Step 5: Cards Finalized

    Once the final sign off on the draft card designs has been given by the Creator, the Artist finalizes the Card designs and they are added to the Pack! 

    Nicro’s final card designs: