How do I get help with my order?

Please email support@creocards.com for all order related questions.

Are the Cards officially licensed?

Yes absolutely! Each Creator has explictly agreed to be a part of the Pack. We will never use a Creator's name and likeness without their permission.

When does HermitCraft TCG orders ship?

HermitCraft TCG orders that were placed between Dec 15, 2023 and Jan 15, 2024 are currently estimated to be shipping April of 2024.

Can I change my shipping address?

Yes! You can change your shipping address as long as the pre-ordered products have not yet been shipped. Please fill out the form on the Contact page with:

  • Your email address you used to place the order
  • Your Order #
  • Your updated address

And we will update this address on your behalf.

What size are the cards?

The cards are a standard 2.5" x 3.5" trading card size, with rounded corners.

Why do Signed Collector's Edition cards cost $5 more?

The extra $5 for the Collector's Edition card is used for the additional shipping and handling needed for the Hermits to sign the cards.

Is every Collector's Edition card signed?

No - you have the option on the Product Page to select "Signed" or "Unsigned". Please select carefully!

Why are there 2 Rare Cards for each Hermit?

Each Hermit has two Rare cards that have unique illustrations:

  1. Base Set Rare card
  2. Alt-Art Rare card

Base Set Collector's Edition cards are only available as free inserts, as a bonus for the HermitCraft TCG pre-order.

Alt-Art Collector's Edition cards feature all new artwork, and are sold individually (during the pre-order window).

Are Collector's Edition cards available in Holographic?

No - Collector's Edition cards are printed in standard material only, not holographic.

What is your Free Shipping policy?

Please see our Shipping Policy page for more information.

Will there by any duty/import fees?

Depending on where you live, there may be an additional import duty fee. Any expenses associated with customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

Do you ship to my Country?

We ship to over 50 countries worldwide!

Please see our Shipping Policy page for more information.

Is there a game mechanic associated with these cards?

The Speedrunner Pack cards are purely collectible. You can think of them kind of like baseball cards for Creators!

The HermitCraft TCG does have game mechanics. Full details on how to play are included in the Instructions with the Game Box.

The HermitCraft Collector's Edition cards are meant to be kept as collectibles, as they are permanently sealed into their Protective Slab.

What is your Return/Refund policy?

Any pre-order can be cancelled for a 100% refund up to the point at which the order is shipped. This includes the period after the pre-order window closes, but before the product is shipped!

Keep in mind we are charged a fee for each refund so please do not place an order with the intent to refund, as it directly harms our business.

Finally, please note that after the products have shipped, no refunds or returns will be available or accepted. Refunds and Returns are not possible due to the nature of the randomized card packs.