About CREO

CREO creates custom illustrated, limited-edition, collectible creator merchandise.  We work with a wide variety of incredibly talented Artists to create beautiful, hand-drawn representations of iconic moments. The artwork is a celebration of the Creators’ communities, accomplishments, and unique style.


Cards come in a variety of unique Types and Rarities. For a full breakdown of all Rarities and Card Types, check out the Card Gallery.

        Each Card can come in 2 different print variations:

        1. Standard
        2. Holographic

          Important Notes:

          • A limited number of each Card will be printed for each Pack release.
          • Not all cards are printed in both Standard and Holographic

          Learn more about the Card Design Process.


          Each Pack is designed around a common Theme - this Theme can be a specific game, content style, activity, event, or more! We’re always looking to work with unique Creators for new themed Packs, and we love finding unique corners of the internet to appreciate.

          Confirmed Packs

          Speedrunner Pack

          • Featuring members of the Speedrunner community.

          HermitCraft TCG

          • Based on the popular game designed by VintageBeef in Season 9 of HermitCraft

          Future Packs

          Storytellers Pack

          • Featuring Creators in the Rust community, who produce story-driven content.

          Old School Pack

          • Featuring Creators in the Old School Runescape community.

          Rocket Powered Pack

          • Featuring Creators and Professionals in the Rocket League Community.

          Journalists Pack

          • Featuring Creators who are independently producing documentaries and investigative reporting content.


          Metal Art Prints

          These are something new we're trying! We have so much incredible artwork from all the cards we've produced, that we thought it was worth a try to see if people were interested in prints. Let me know what you think of the idea! Send me an email to luke@creocards.com and I will personally reply to you (: 

          Important Note - only Creators who want to be involved will be featured in any pack; we absolutely will not be using any Creator's name and likeness without their explicit permission.