Announcing: HermitCraft TCG: Series 2 - Alter Ego!

Announcing: HermitCraft TCG: Series 2 - Alter Ego!

Published: June 14, 2024

⚫⚪ Announcing: HermitCraft TCG: Series 2 - Alter Ego! ⚪⚫

Hey friend,

I couldn't be more excited to announce the return of HermitCraft TCG!

Before I forget - please reply to this email and let me know what you think!

We are back this year with all new cards, new Hermits, new products, and much more.

A few quick details:

🖌️ 130+ new card artworks
✒️ Signed Cards returning!
👀 New Products

Mark your calendars:

📅 Pre-Orders live July 1 - July 31 📅

We worked with 30+ artists (new and returning!) to create 130+ new pieces of artwork, for a total of 290+ cards to collect (full card checklist coming soon).

Each Hermit has FOUR new cards:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Common - Alter Ego
  • Rare - Alter Ego

And an additional 20 new Effect Cards as well!

130+ New Pieces of Artwork

Additionally, we have new Packaging Designs, and new Booster Box sizes as well!

(Prices, contents, delivery dates, and more details to be revealed soon)

New Game and Booster Box

Keep an eye on our socials for Card Reveals, and more detailed information coming soon!

More Card Reveals Coming Soon!

Thank you to everyone who supported the original TCG release, and helped make this Series 2 possible.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be sending out more behind-the-scenes emails about everything that went into making this Series 2 project a reality!

If there's anything in particular you want to hear about, or questions you have, please let me know.

- Luke Chesney
Founder, CREO

P.S. The site will open ahead of the July 1st site, so that you can check out all the new products and artwork! It is still just Under Construction 🚧 for the moment.

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