The Making of Alter Ego - Part 2 | FAQ

The Making of Alter Ego - Part 2 | FAQ

Published: June 25, 2024

Hey Friend,

To start - thank you to everyone who replied to my last email. My inbox was absolutely crushed lol but I loved it and read every word of every reply ❤️

I’m back already with a bunch of rapid fire details!

New Booster Box Sizes!

  • This year, we’ve introduced all new Booster Box Sizes!

Booster Box Sizes


 Size Qty Boosters Qty Cards
Small 5 40
Medium 8 64
Large 20 160

Prices revealed on July 1, or available now if you join our discord!

We wanted there to be a lower barrier to entry on the smaller side, and also a larger, more economical, version on the bigger side.

A few final details:

  • All Sizes have a chance to contain a signed card (more details below)
  • All Sizes have volume discounts (i.e. buy 2 for discounted price)


  • This pre-order is unlimited during the month of the pre-order window (July 1 - July 31)
    • Therefore - no rush! Take your time, and just make sure your order is in by July 31.


  • All cards from S1 and S2 are compatible
    • None of the cards are ‘required’ to play - you can play with all S1 cards, all S2, or some of both!
  • S1 Hermit Cards (Standard and Alt-Art) are not included in S2, but S1 Effect/Item cards will be.
  • S2 [Common] and [Rare] Hermit cards have the same movesets as S1. The only difference is the artwork! (along with some minor text updates)
  • S2 [Common - Alter Ego] and [Rare - Alter Ego] Hermit cards will have new movesets, and new artwork.
  • The backs of all cards will be the same as S1

Fully Compatible Series 3 ALTER EGO

Signed Cards

For Series 2 - Alter Ego, Signed Cards are returning!

Signed Cards Make a Return

  • Each (participating) Hermit will be signing the same amount of cards.
  • 26 of 28 Hermits will be signing cards (no TFC or Etho)
  • These signatures will be evenly split between their S2 Rare and Rare - Alter Ego cards (non-holo versions)

26 Hermits Will Be Signing Cards!

  • The Signed Cards will then be distributed between all 3 sizes of Booster Boxes.
    • Signed Cards will appear as an additional 9th card in your Booster Pack - so keep an eye out for extra cards when opening packs!

To clarify - the Signed Cards are distributed evenly between the Booster Packs, not the Booster Boxes.

Here’s the logic - if we evenly distributed between the Boxes, it would incentivize people to buy the smallest size to increase their chances of getting a signed card. This would force customers to pay the highest price/card, and not be able to take advantage of the higher volume larger sized boxes. This didn’t feel right to me!

We thought about this a lot, and this is the fairest way we could come up with it.

Signed Cards Will Be Distributed

Finally, an important note - Signed Cards that are sealed in individual slabs (Collector's Edition cards) will not be returning for the Series 2: Alter Ego release. We have no plans of releasing individual Collector's Edition cards again at this time.

That’s all for this week! I told myself I’d try and keep these under 500 words this year (apologies to everyone who read my 2k word essays last year lol!), so that’s all the words I’ve got for today (:


- Luke Chesney

Founder, CREO

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